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Searches directly from NLIS are considered “official searches” because they are sourced directly from the official data provider and are part of a unique end-to-end contractual chain established and regulated by Land Data. This ensures that the statutory indemnities are preserved and transferred to users and the end customer. NLIS is the only government approved and regulated, electronic land and property searches portal in the market. NLIS offers speed and security, search results are returned through the network directly to the customer thus reducing risk and liability and at the same time protecting users, clients and data providers.


Benefits of NLIS

NLIS provides up-to-date, authoritative conveyancing and other land and property related information to the legal profession and ultimately the consumer. It offers a host of benefits to both data providers and end users.

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Benefits of NLIS for Conveyancers

  • The NLIS Hub is the only hub in the market that connects electronically to every LA in England and Wales
  • NLIS is the only regulated search environment in the market
  • The NLIS Hub and Channels are always accessible - 24/7
  • Teams with years of experience ensure rejections are lower than paper based searches
  • NLIS channels can link to case management systems
  • Simple online payment systems 
  • Reduction in the risk of delay, misidentification and oversight
  • Reduced risk and liability

Benefits of NLIS for Consumers

  • Reassurance that data is derived from an authoritative and current source
  • All indemnities are protected and guaranteed 
  • Rejection rates are greatly reduced so speeding up the transaction process
  • Provides a cost-effective and accurate transaction
  • Speeds up the house buying and selling process

Benefits of NLIS for Data Providers

  • Payments are fast, secure and guaranteed
  • The electronic interface removes most, if not all, manual process requirements
  • Fast and efficient responses to search requests
  • Full tracking of searches helps deal with enquiries
  • Reassurance that the process and its operators are regulated
  • Access to a national, highly reliable and well maintained IT infrastructure, supported by a helpdesk, all without any financial commitment. 


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