What is NLIS?




The National Land Information Service (NLIS) is a government approved and regulated, electronic land and property searches portal, the only one of its kind in the property searches market. NLIS provides its services by way of a ‘hub’ and ‘channel’ model, operating as a convenient single point of electronic access to a variety of offical sources of land and property information. In doing so it provides huge benefits to the user, data providers and ultimately the consumer.

NLIS connects users directly to land and property information held by local authorities, central government and other organisations that provide official sources of land and property data. It offers the highest standards of electronic property search accessibility available on the market today. All searches ordered through NLIS are classified as ‘official’ searches because they are sourced directly from and interpreted by the local authority and other official data providers and therefore, all statutory indemnities remain preserved and transferred to end customers. Over 26 million NLIS searches have been processed since its launch in 2001. Regulated by Land Data, it is the safest, most secure data hub in the land and property search information market.



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NLIS Channel

The NLIS Hub

The NLIS Hub operates under a license issued and regulated by Land Data. It interfaces electronically with authoritative data providers. The NLIS Hub is the only regulated data hub in the land and property searches market and the only hub to connect electronically with every local authority in England and Wales.


NLIS ChannelNLIS Licensed Channels

NLIS channels connect directly to the NLIS Hub. The NLIS channels operate under their own brand names and provide, principally to conveyancers, access via electronic ordering platforms to search products from authoritative data providers such as local authorities, HMLR and water companies.  In addition to NLIS searches, NLIS channels also offer access to land and property searches outside the NLIS environment, such as environmental and chancel repair searches.

NLIS is regulated by Land Data

Land Data is the government appointed regulator of NLIS.

Land Data’s regulatory role oversees the day-to-day operation of NLIS by:


  • Pro-actively reviewing, and monitoring the performance of the NLIS Hub and NLIS Channels against contractual, best practice and legislatively defined parameters
  • Ensuring the highest level of IT standards and security levels are provided at all times
  • Monitoring the integrity of  the NLIS partnerships and providing a formal escalation route for any NLIS service related complaint
  • Reviewing new legislation and providing guidance to all stakeholders where necessary
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